Have a set of towels at home that you would like monogrammed? How about a saddle pad or your favorite bag? We would love to monogram your personal items! Our monogramming expertise combined with our advanced embroidery machine allows us to produce beautiful and high quality results. 

Our monogramming process is very personalized. Let us know how you would like the initials / name to read and we will then email you the monogram in a variety of fonts and thread colors, so that you can choose the one you prefer. This is important because letters appear differently depending upon the font that is used. 


Most Monogramming:

 1-2 Items               $30 per item

 3-4 items               $25 per item

 5 or more              $20 per item

If letters are taller than 2” and/or if there are more than 20 characters:

 1-2 Items               $40 per item

 3-4 items               $35 per item

 5 or more              $30 per item


 Additional Charges


 Same day fee* (on items monogrammed in store): $20/item

 Less than 5 days fee* (on items monogrammed in store):  $10/item

 Ordering a thread color not currently in the store: $10/thread

*Please note that this may not always be possible. We will always let you know if these   

 options are possible before charging the additional amount(s).


1) Drop off your items at our store and while there, choose your favorite thread color and font. Because different fonts look different with different letters, we are happy to email you the initials or name in the font you choose to get a better idea. 

2) Don’t live near Middleburg? No problem! We can still monogram your items. Call or email us for more information on fonts, thread colors and shipping instructions. 

Please note that we cannot accept packages at our 10 N. Pendleton St.  physical store address. Contact us for more information on where to ship your items.



Additional Information


Please note that our typical* turn around time is about 1-2 weeks on customer provided items (not including shipping). 

*This could vary based on inventory availability, current order volume and/or size of your requested order.

While we always try our best when monogramming your items, please note that monogramming is not a perfect science. There is the possibility of machine and/or human   

error. With this being the case, WW Monograms doesn’t recommend that you monogram  

anything irreplaceable or of significant value.  

Please note that we aren’t able to monogram all items. Some items are too thick or won’t 

fit properly in our machine. Please reach out to us to see if we are able to monogram.